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Thoughts on Planning a Bachelor Party

Thoughts on Planning a Bachelor Party

Planning a bachelor party can be hard work and involves managing the expectations of many stakeholders (i.e. groom, groomsmen). Besides planning a fun trip, the largest concern shared among many party goers is cost. To remedy this concern, a party planner should consider the following costs: travel, lodging, food and entertainment. 

Groomsmen need to consider that all members of their party may not be comfortable spending a lot of money on a bachelor party. Of course, they want to make the groom have a good time, but often costs can escalate quickly and may get out of hand. It’s an unfortunate reality that some of the groomsmen may not be able to attend because of cost. 

Party planners have an inherent responsibility to make sure that costs are manageable for everyone. This can be handled in a few ways, chiefly by prioritizing the activities where you can save a bit of money. For example, instead of going out for a nice dinner, perhaps you buy groceries ahead of time and make a home-cooked feast! 

In other instances, you can cut costs in lodging by maybe downsizing the house and having some guests share a room. Or, if you are feeling generous and want to make sure that all of your friends can be there, you may want to split the cost of housing for some of the guests who are struggling with money.

Ultimately, the point of a bachelor party is to have fun and celebrate the groom. Your friend is entering a beautiful phase of his life, and that is worthy of praise and elation. If money is tight for you, evaluate which activities will mean the most to your friend and prioritize those. It’s worth the money to see your friend have a great time. 

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